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How to Configure SMB Direct with OCe14000

‚ÄčA how-to guide to configure SMB Direct in Windows 2012 or Windows 2012 R2 using Emulex OneConnect Oce14100 adapters.
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Linux OFED Tech Preview with Emulex OCe14002 Adapter: NFS over RDMA

The application note presents the necessary hardware, software and installation of OFED and required drivers needed by the Emulex OneConnect OCe14102 adapter for enabling RoCE capabilities.
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Configuring Windows 2012 NVGRE with OCe14102

This application note presents a step-by-step guide of a simple NVGRE configuration on Windows Server 2012 R2 using the Emulex OCe14102 adapter. Configuration and deployment of NVGRE is often perceived as difficult, however, this application note provides the necessary hardware, software requirements and the steps for a successful deployment using the Emulex Oce14102 adapter.
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Configuring VXLAN on Emulex OneConnect OCe14000 Adapters

How to Deploy VXLAN networking with Emulex OneConnect OCe14000 adapters in VMware vSphere 5.5
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VMware vSphere 5.5 Gen 5 (16Gb) FC with Dell PowerEdge

The Implementers Guide describes how to configure a Gen 5 FC Storage Area Network (SAN) with PowerEdge servers and DELL Compellent storage in a vSphere 5.5 enviornement.
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Solutions Guide: Database Consolidation with Oracle 12c Multitenancy

The solution guide is a study of the new Multitenant features of Oracle Database 12c and how a shard disk structure disk architecture using Fibre Channel can be used to facilitate dramatically simplified database consolidation when compared to previous releases.
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Application Note: Considerations for Deploying Ethernet Adapters Provided by Emulex in FreeBSD Systems Using Emulex Drivers

This application note describes some of the important considerations for deploying 10GbE Ethernet adapters provided by Emulex in FreeBSD systems using the Emulex Driver. Netperf is references as a performance management tool to establish the baseline capabilities of NICs as a foundation for analysis of performance in a network.
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Application Note: Configuring Emulex HBAs with Hyper-V Virtual Fibre Channel Feature

How to configure Emulex Fibre Channel HBAs with Hyper-V Virtual Fibre Channel on Microsoft Windows Server 2012 with a virtual machine running Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 x64
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Application Note: Unlock FCoE in an IBM BladeCenter HS23 Blade Server

How to activate the IBM upgrade that unlocks FCoE capability in an IBM BladeCenter HS23 blade server
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VMware vSphere 5.1: 16Gb/s Fibre Channel SANs with HP ProLiant DL380 Gen8 servers and HP 3PAR Storage

Create robust, highly available vSphere 5.1 environments with best-of-breed Fibre Channel HP 3PAR Storage and HP ProLiant DL servers using 16GFC HBAs
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